Sub Culture: A Memoir

Named #2 in Time Magazine’s list of 7 education books to take to the beach.

Named by American School Board Journal as one of 2011’s best education books.

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“A mid-life career change introduced me to a quirky profession where many employees receive no training, are given enormous responsibilities, solicit sex from minors, and suffer unfortunate events, like having their hair set on fire. The pay averages $14,400 per year. ... ”

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  1. “Funny and terrifying.TIME magazine

  2.                * * * *

  3. “You’ll never look at your subs the same way again.” American School Board Journal

  4.                 * * * *

  5. A must-read in today’s teaching world.” Geoffrey Smith, Director, Substitute Teaching Division of

                           * * * *

Required reading with a due date of ‘immediately!’ ” William Zimmerman, Iona College, Education Department

               * * * *

            “Hilarious and touching.” Barbara Pressman, Author of Substitute Teaching from A to Z, Florida Atlantic University, College of Education

                                    * * * *

“Captures the terror and humor of the lone educator thrown overboard into a sea of students.” Peter Rudiak-Gould, author of Surviving Paradise

                     * * * *

        “…bears on important questions of policy and ethics in U.S. public schools.” Raegen Miller, Associate Director for Education Research, Center for American Progress

                       * * * *

        “…will scare the hell out of anybody who cares about the education of children.” Lary Bloom, New York Times contributing writer and author of The Writer Within